Altamira Square - Caracas, Capital District In Venezuela: Overview,Prominent Features,History,Interesting facts


Altamira Square is a public square located in the Caracas, Capital District in Venezuela. It is a popular meeting point and gathering space for Caracas residents. The square is located in one of the most affluent neighborhoods of the city, and is known for its numerous high-end stores, restaurants, and cultural institutions. It was the site of numerous protests during the 2020 Venezuelan protests and coup d'état attempt. The square is now the site of a memorial to those who lost their lives in the unrest, with a permanent string of lights surrounding it representing solidarity. You can learn history, culture, and heritage through these magnificent monuments in Venezuela
Prominent Features:

1. Mural Monument: One of the most notable features of Altamira Square is the mural monument, which commemorates the people whose lives were impacted by the Caracazo riots in 1989. This towering mural features striking artwork that pays tribute to those who lost their lives during the unrest. 2. Hexágono Building: The Hexágono building, one of the most emblematic structures in Caracas, stands prominently in Altamira Square. This impressive structure is a representation of the humanistic values of the Venezuelan people, and it stands out as a symbol of hope for visitors to the area. 3. City Views: Being open to the surrounding areas of Caracas, Altamira Square offers a spectacular view of the city which is particularly stunning at night. From here, you can get a great view of the urban landscape that characterizes the Venezuelan capital, dotted with colorful buildings, bright streetlights and a variety of plants. 4. Floral Decorations: During special events and holidays in Caracas, Altamira Square is often filled with beautiful floral decorations. From small bushes to larger plants, the decor adds to the vibrancy of this bustling city. 5. Cafes and Restaurants: Around the perimeter of Altamira Square, you can find a variety of eateries and cafes that offer local foods. These restaurants are great places to grab a bite to eat, or to simply take in the local atmosphere. This national monument of Venezuela portrays the history and culture of the country.


Altamira Square is located in the Altamira neighborhood of Caracas, the capital district of Venezuela. The square was created in 1957 and since then has become the cultural center of the surrounding areas. The square is best known for the iconic Altamira Fountain, designed by architect Carlos Raul Villanueva and sculpted by Jean Saubot. There is also a monument to José Félix Ribas, one of the liberators of Venezuela, which is placed in the center of the square. The area around Altamira was originally inhabited by the indigenous community of Caracas, and it was later on colonized by the Spanish in the 16th century. Due to its strategic location at the banks of the River Avila, it quickly developed into an important military fortress to protect the city from possible attacks. In the 20th century, the area started turning into a desirable residential neighborhood for the upper-class of Caracas, leading to the creation of Altamira Square in 1957 as a symbol of the modernizing of the city. The square quickly became a popular meeting spot, especially during the free-elections in 1958 and the Venezuelan Independence day celebrations of 1961. In 1989, a massive anti-government demonstration was held in Altamira Square, a notable event in the history of the area. The protest called for free elections and the removal of then-president Carlos Andres Perez. Today, Altamira Square remains a place symbolic of the liberation of Venezuela, and in 2004 it was designated a National Historic Monument. You must visit one of these historical places in Venezuela on your Venezuela tour

Interesting facts:

1. Located in the heart of the affluent area known as La Castellana, Altamira Square is one of the most celebrated places in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. 2. The square is known as the epicenter of Venezuelan culture and politics, a place where public events, festivals, concerts, and political protests take place throughout the year. 3. It is also home to the famed Altamira Palace, the official residence and headquarters of the late President Hugo Chávez, which is now open to the public. 4. The square was constructed in the 1940s as part of a plan to create a more modern Caracas city centre. 5. Since its opening, the square has been the site of numerous political demonstrations, including the peace march organized by Chávez in 2007. 6. Every Thursday night, a congregation of drummers called the “Güarapos” meets in front of the Altamira Palace to perform mambos, merengues and other traditional music. 7. On the first day of each month, thousands of people gather in Altamira Square to celebrate the “Raíz Venezolana”, a local cultural tradition that promotes national pride and patriotism. Visit one of the famous monuments of Venezuela with your friends and family.

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    The state name of Altamira Square is the Capital District of Venezuela.

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The state name of Altamira Square is the Capital District of Venezuela. Venezuela

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