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Hollywood is one of the neighborhoods in LA, CA, mainly known for its studios and film industry, In this article, we will discuss the history of Hollywood. Hollywood was known as an agricultural network in the year of 1866, H.J. Whitley a real estate dealer stood at the peak of the hill when he saw a  Chinese man named hauling wood going by he asked him about himself then the man answered in his accent ‘holly-wood’ Whitley liked the name too much so he named the territory HOLLYWOOD. Whitley’s town developed and in 1903 it turned into a region. In the mid-1900s producers started to make films in LA, and in the year of 1910 Hollywood included in LA. In the year of 1911, the first studio was opened here. Hollywood was nicknamed “Tinseltown” as the film industry was growing here rapidly and know it is known as the most popular movie industry in the world.

List of Top Interesting Facts About Hollywood

  1. The firstly developed movie taped in Hollywood was titled as Old Hollywood. The movie was recorded in 1910. The film was just over 16 minutes in length.


  1. H. J. Whitley named this area as ‘Hollywood’. Whitley was from Canada and in the 1870s he became a U.S citizen.


  1. Preceding being named as Hollywood, the region was once Cahuenga Valley.


  1. Hollywood banned cinemas before 1910 and when Hollywood merged with Los Angeles the ban was removed.


  1. Nestor Studio was the first film studio in Hollywood, built New Jersey’s Centaur Co. in a roadhouse at 6121 Sunset Blvd in 1911.


  1. The Squaw Man was the first Movie Invented under a Hollywood studio in 1914  by Cecile B.DeMille.
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The Squaw Man
  1. The world popular Hollywood sign was set up in 1923 by a land designer. Initially intended to remain set up for a year and a half just to promote properties. It initially read ‘Hollywoodland’. The sign stayed set up long after it was planned to, and in 1949 the word ‘land’ was expelled.

  1. The first movie made with audio was produced in the year 1927. The name of the movie was The Jazz Singer.
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The Jazz Singer
  1. The main Attractions to visit in  Hollywood includes the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Chinese Theater, Universal Studios, Charlie  Madame Tussauds Hollywood, Charlie Chaplin Studios, and Roosevelt Hotel.


  1. Hollywood, LA is home to the Academy Awards, the Hollywood Half Marathon and Hollywood Christmas Parad.


  1. There are many cities around the globe whose enlivened by Hollywood like India’s Bollywood is the Hindi language variant of Hollywood. Canada’s media and film industry are alluded to as Hollywood North. China’s largest film studio is also named as Chinawood.

  1. In the year 1973, the Hollywood sign was turned into a landmark
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Hollywood -Hollywood facts

    13. Famous Warner Brothers studio in Hollywood was established by four siblings from Ohio in 1918.

Here are the top Interesting facts about Hollywood which include the history of Hollywood. Hope the post is informative to you, you can read more about Hollywood on our blogs which will help you on your trip to Hollywood.

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