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The US, authoritatively United States of America, abbreviated U.S., byname America, a nation in North America, a government republic of 50 states.  The US of America is the world’s third-biggest nation in size and almost the third biggest in terms of population. More than double the span of the European Association, the US has high mountains in the West and a huge central plain. With its history of the mass movement dating from the seventeenth century, it is a “blend” of societies from around the globe and assumes a chief job on the planet’s social scene. It’s home to a wide cluster of well-known tourist destinations, going from the high rises of Manhattan and Chicago to the regular marvels of Yellowstone and Alaska to the warm, bright shorelines of Florida and Hawaii, the USA offers several interesting things to do which make vacation very special and there are many fine dining facilities are also being provided by the USA. It offers some beautiful cities such as Los Angeles and New York leading to many tourist destinations and travel attractions. Residents beyond 18 years old vote to choose the President and VP of the United States like clockwork. The president lives in the capital city of Washington, D.C. The Flag of the USA is an image is a symbol of freedom and liberty to which Americans pledge their devotion.

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