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Spain lies in Southern Europe, a trip to Madrid take generally 2.5 hours from London/Britain, 7 hours from New York/USA. Spain outskirts the nations Portugal, Andorra, France, Gibraltar and furthermore Morocco, as the two Spanish enclaves (regions) Ceuta and Melilla are situated in Morocco. Spain is the main European nation which outskirts Africa. It is isolated by Africa by the straits of Gibraltar and two of the urban communities having a place with Spain are inside Morocco. The Mediterranean or Iberian lynx is wiped out, there are just a couple of enduring mammals left in the south of Spain and Portugal. The lynx is the most imperiled cat on the planet. Other protected creatures are the Iberian wild pig, the Iberian fox, the Iberian wolves, and the Cantabrian dark colored bear. The short-toed hawk is Spain’s national bird. The area of Andalusia is home to the Andalusian horses which are known for their speed and quality. The Spanish individuals have their own imperial family who lives in the regal spot, the ‘Zarzuela Royal residence’, outside of Madrid. The Illustrious Royal residence, Palacio Real, in the city of Madrid is where authority functions happen. On 19 June 2014, the child of the previous ruler Juan Carlos, Felipe VI, was delegated the new lord of Spain. Juan Carlos resigned because of old age. Lord Felipe VI, aged 46, and Queen  Letizia have two little girls. Numerous Spanish individuals are soccer fans. The top soccer clubs are Genuine Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Spain is known for its flamenco move. In Andalusia, in numerous towns and towns individuals move the flamenco for uncommon festivities. Probably the best flamenco artists are said to be the Romani individuals. The gitanos touched base to Spain in the XV century and still monitor their own language and conventions. In the picture, you can see young ladies playing out the flamenco at a party in Seville. It offers some best places to have fine dining near tourist attraction in Spain.

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