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When you see the South Korea map, it forces you to take a tour of this beautiful and so progressive country. South Korea, a nation in East Asia. The nation is circumscribed by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea shares its border with the sea of Japan, yellow sean and the sea of china. The capital is Seoul (Sŏul). Because of beaches, South Korea tourism has enough ability to attracts travelers across the globe.  South Korea comprises of an enormous piece of Precambrian rocks (i.e., more than around 540 million years of age, for example, stone and gneiss. The nation is generally rocky, with little valleys and limited beach front fields. The T’aebaek Mountains keep running around a north-south course along the eastern coastline and northward into North Korea, shaping the nation’s seepage isolate. South Korea has two volcanic islands Cheju (Jeju), of the landmass’ southern tip, and Ullŭng, around 140 km east of the terrain in the East Sea and a little scale magma level in Kangwŏn territory. What’s more, South Korea guarantees and involves a gathering of rough islets referred to differently as Liancourt Rocks, Tok (Dok) Islands (Korean), and Take Islands (Japanese) somewhere in the range of 55 miles (85 km) southeast of Ullŭng Island; these islets likewise have been asserted by Japan. In 2017, 5.15 crores were the South Korea population.

The best impact on the atmosphere of the Korean promontory is its closeness to the fundamental Asian landmass. South Korea travel gives you an extraordinary feel of tourism. This delivers the checked summer-winter temperature limits of a mainland atmosphere while likewise setting up the upper east Asian rainstorm (regular breezes) that influence precipitation designs. The yearly scope of temperature is more noteworthy in the north and in inside locales of the landmass than in the south and along the coast, mirroring the relative decrease in mainland impacts in the last zones. It was for quite some time accepted that the Korean individuals initially may have had joins with the individuals of Central Asia, the Lake Baikal district of Siberia, Mongolia, and the beachfront territories of the Yellow Sea. Apparatuses of Paleolithic sort and different antiques found in Sokch’ang, close Kongju, are very like those of the Lake Baikal and Mongolian zones. South Korea culture is also so fascinating. In 2017, hereditary investigation of bones found in Primorye Kray in Far Eastern Russia proposed that Koreans were identified with a populace that had possessed that territory for at any rate 7,700 years. The qualities of these Neolithic people were communicated close by those of indigenous agriculturalists from Southeast Asia to create the hereditary structure of present-day Koreans. 

The opportunity of religion is naturally ensured in South Korea, and there is no national religion. There likewise is little consistency of religious conviction, a circumstance that regularly is confounding to outside spectators. Generally, a few religions won progressively: shamanism (the religious faith in divine beings, evil spirits, and hereditary spirits receptive to a cleric, or shaman), Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism. None of these religions was relinquished, be that as it may, when one replaced another in strength, and all have had a job in the nation’s socio-social improvement. In this manner, the ceremonies of shamanism (which has existed in Korea since antiquated occasions) are as yet polished by many. 

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