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Most Visited Monuments in Seychelles l Famous Monuments in Seychelles

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Best Cities in Seychelles to Visit | Major Cities in Seychelles

You’d see it as a tiny dot in the Indian Ocean if you ever tried looking for Seychelles on the world map. This island nation comprises of 115 islands, but you’ll be surprised that on the contrary. Cities in...


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A beautiful island nation in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles can be the perfect choice to relax from the busy life and relax on the awesome beaches. The archipelago country has more than a hundred islands with beautiful white sand beaches touched by the blue waters of the ocean. Great place for ecotourism and exploring the unique wildlife. Until the opening of the international airport and the development of tourism in Seychelles, the plantations were a significant source of income for Seychelles. However, tourism is now the primary industry and has received significant momentum due to hotel modernization and foreign investment.

You will enjoy your holiday in Seychelles if you visit in November, October, May, and April. These are the times when hotels in this part of the world are willing to offer big discounts on room rates and fewer tourist crowds. In addition to the pleasant weather, you can also take part in your favorite outdoor activities. Seychelles experiences a tourist peak season between June and September when the climate is cool and dry. Humidity and rainfall will rise between December and March, but tourists will continue to come on holiday, making it harder to get cheaper accommodation.

While enjoying in Seychelles, you will visit the island’s popular attractions. Among them are the wonderful beaches that provide the right environment for complete relaxation. Anse Intendance Beach in Mahe is a beautiful place to relax in the warm sunshine and create great moments. Another picturesque beach worth exploring is Anse Lazio beach, which is reached by climbing a hill. The enchanting view, the long stretch of white sand, the green palms, and the beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean, which you can witness after reaching this beach, are nothing less than a reward for climbing.

You can also enjoy exciting outdoor activities during your vacation in Seychelles. You can watch the giant turtles moving in their natural habitat on a day trip to Curieuse Island. Located on the white sandy beaches of the island, the shades provided by the Takamaka and Casuarina trees are ideal for relaxation. Hiking is possible in the Morne Seychellois National Park. The trails of the park offer stunning views of the village of Denzil and the spectacular tea plantations.

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