Best Chinese Restaurants to Visit in Paris

Did you know that Paris has its own Chinatown in the 13th arrondissement? Asian culture is alive and well in the French Capital, and Paris is home to excellent and affordable restaurants and canteens that are...

Best Italian Restaurants to Visit in Paris

Paris offers some excellent choices for Italian restaurants. Many of the best are Italian owners or their Italian chefs. In Paris, craving for Italian food has encouraged chefs to offer pizzas and pasta at...

Best Japanese Restaurants to Visit in Paris

Have you always dreamed of going to Japan, immersed in that rich culture, or simply wanting to go back and Are you in the mood for going to a Japanese restaurant in Paris? In this case, what better way than...

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Paris is commonly Known as the City of Light and the City of Love, the streets overflow with culture, art, beauty, and history. Paris is a city which captures the hearts of millions every year, as it is the most visited capital with over 45 million visitors annually due to several tourist attractions in Paris. The evaluated 2.2 million inhabitants of Paris are glad to be Parisian, thus they ought to be. Which city has been more romanticized in writing and film? Indeed there are 65 movies that star the Eiffel Tower as a critical element. What’s more, that is only a little part of the number of movies that only element the Eiffel Tower either as an image of French or European way of life or for instance of something excellent. Paris still holds the title of the most romantic city on the planet. With the grand clearing roads and the majestic design, it is hard not to be enchanted and tempted by this mysterious, copacetic city. Seven days, a month, a year isn’t sufficiently long to uncover all of Paris’ fortunes and you could spend a lifetime attempting to pinpoint the unobtrusive differences between the Right and Left Bank. However, it would be a life well spent. This city is populated by individuals, design, restaurants, and nightlife that will lure you and make you never need to leave.

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