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New Zealand is situated in the southwestern Pacific Sea, just south of Australia. The nation isn’t a piece of Australia and has never been, however, it has been its own nation since the late nineteenth century. Prior to at that point, the nation was really viewed as a feature of the United Kingdom and was under the laws and ward of the crown. New Zealand is really various little islands, with two main islands that involve the vast majority of the land region of the nation. The reason that numerous individuals enjoy going to New Zealand is a direct result of its biodiversity. There are various plants, creatures, and fungi that dwell all through the nation, mostly due to the way that there were no people on the island until 1250 AD. The Europeans did not touch base until 1642, well after the Americas and different nations were found by them. This isolation enabled nature to flourish much longer than it did on different landmasses where there was a more human influence. The history of New Zealand is varied. As referenced above, there were no people on the islands until 1250 AD. It is believed to be one of the last significant land zones that people arrived. The first population was from Polynesian pilgrims, which had arrived through various travels across the Pacific Sea. They built up a culture that is known as the Māori. The Māori, like most indigenous people, had clans and sub-tribes that lived all through the islands; they would cooperate on certain tasks, however, there was infighting between the tribes. Also, I must include that there are several places to visit in New Zealand, some best attractions to be visited.

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