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One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Madrid is decidedly landlocked. In fact, it’s nearly 200 miles from the sea. For a visit to the beach during your stay in Madrid if you’re willing to do...

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There are many historical monuments in Madrid that you can learn about from the past of different cultures that will change the way you see the world. Located in the center of the Iberian Peninsula, Madrid is...

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After Berlin, Madrid is the largest city in the European Union and the capital city of Spain. It has an estimated metropolitan area population of approximately 6.5 million. Theme parks in Madrid are very...

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Madrid is the capital of Spain and of Madrid province. The city is Spain’s arts and financial center proper and province form an autonomous community in central Spain. Madrid’s status as the national capital reflects the centralizing policy of the 16th-century Spanish king Philip II and his successors. The choice of Madrid was also the result of the city’s previous obscurity and neutrality. It was picked on the grounds that it needed ties with a built-up nonroyal power as opposed to in light of any vital, geographic, or financial contemplations. In reality, Madrid is inadequate in different attributes that may qualify it for the main job. It doesn’t lie on a significant waterway, as such a significant number of European urban areas do; the sixteenth seventeenth-century producer Lope de Vega, alluding to a heavenly scaffold over the particularly modest waters of the Manzanares, proposed either selling the extension or purchasing another stream.

Present-day pressures have maybe restrained the broad road life for which Madrid has been well known, despite the fact that individuals still live especially in the boulevards, especially during the intense heat of summer when the café terraces fill and people stroll up and down in the evenings. Modern culture, in the form of film, theatre, and music, is extensively represented, as is to be expected in a city with several major universities and academies. But the tertulias for which Madrid was once noted, that is to say, the informal conversational gatherings and informal societies have all but faded, along with the elegant cafés that housed them.

Madrid’s literary traditions, its associations with Lope de Vega, Miguel de Cervantes, Francisco Gómez de Quevedo y Villegas, Benito Pérez Galdós, Mariano José de Larra, Pío Baroja, and Azorín, Pedro Calderón de la Barca continue in the city’s varied cultural life, as demonstrated by the fact that it is one of the major publishing centers for the Spanish-speaking world.

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