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Istanbul, the biggest city and head seaport of Turkey. It was the capital of both the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire. The old walled city of Istanbul remains on a triangular landmass between Europe and Asia. Some of the time as a scaffold, at times as an obstruction, Istanbul for over 2,500 years has remained between clashing floods of religion, culture, and magnificent power.  Istanbul’s history is quite rich. For the greater part of those years, it was one of the most desired urban areas on the planet. 

The old city contains around 9 square miles (23 square km), however, the present metropolitan limits stretch a lot past. The first peninsular city has seven slopes, essential for Constantine’s “New Rome.” Six are peaks of a long edge over the Golden Horn; the other is a single prominence in the southwest corner. Like Paris, Rome, Venice, etc. Istanbul tourism is also very popular in Europe as well as the world. Around their slants are gone a significant number of the mosques and other notable milestones that were on the whole assigned a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985. 

Istanbul, as other significant urban communities in the area, pulls in an expanding number of transients from the open country. Turkish is the Istanbul language. These vagrants have added to the development of shantytowns called gecekondu (actually “set somewhere near night”) that have no sanitation offices and restricted access to power and water. The Christian and Jewish minorities keep on contracting both in the level of the entire and in by and large numbers. Kurds presently establish the biggest ethnic minority in the city. The predominant upper east wind, or poyraz, originates from the Black Sea, giving route now and again throughout the winter to a cold impact from the Balkans known as the karayel, or “dark cover,” equipped for solidifying the Golden Horn and even the Bosporus. 

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