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Lying to the west of Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland occupies the greater part of an island from which it is separated at distances ranging the Irish Sea, and St. George’s Channel from 11 to 120 miles by the North Channel. Between latitudes 51°30′ and 55°30′ N and longitudes 6°00′ and 10°30′ W, located in the temperate zone as far north as far west as the West African state of Liberia and as Labrador or British Columbia in Canada, it constitutes the westernmost outpost of the Atlantic fringe of the Eurasian landmass.  Like Great Britain, Ireland once formed part of this landmass, surrounded by seas that are generally less than 650 feet deep and lies on the European continental shelf.  From north to south on the island, the greatest distance is 302 miles, and from east to west, it is 171 miles.

As western maritimeIreland’s climate is classified. The predominant influence is the Atlantic Ocean, which is no more than 70 miles from any inland location. Current contribute to the moderate quality of the climate, the mild southwesterly winds and warm waters of the North Atlantic. Over the entire island, the temperature is almost uniform. By Celts, Norsemen, Normans, English, and Scots although Ireland was invaded and colonized within historical times, there are no corresponding ethnic distinctions. As a welcoming place, and diversity Ireland has always been known and it is not a phenomenon new to the country.

Between the ancient Celtic traditions of the people and those imposed on them from outside, the cultural milieu of Ireland has been shaped by the dynamic interplay, notably from Britain. The use of language be it Irish or English has always been the central element, this has produced a culture of rich, distinctive character. Irish culture is best known through its literature, drama, and songs not surprisingly; above all, as masters of the art of conversation, the Irish are renowned.

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