10 Best Waterfalls in Iceland | Most Visited Iceland Waterfalls

No place in the world has Waterfalls like Iceland. It is known as the Land of Fire of Ice, but in reality, it is more like the Land of Fire, Ice, and Collapsing Water! A trip to this country is not complete...

Travel Restriction in Iceland During Covid-19 | Best & Safe Places to Visit in Iceland 2021 (Updated )

Iceland is a Nordic island country that is known for its feisty volcanoes, gushing geysers, steaming hillocks, and incredible tectonic history of its own creation. There numerous popular travel destinations in...

Most Visited Monuments in Iceland l Famous Natural Monuments in Iceland

Iceland is famous because of the impressive and historic buildings. The natural monuments of Iceland are worth visiting. The landscapes and natural wonders make this country amazing and beautiful. However...


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Iceland is an island in the North Atlantic. It is home to a dynamic and peaceful country that has formed a modern society where opportunity and fairness are held in high regard. Iceland persistently positions close to the top for measurements of personal satisfaction, gender equality, and majority rule government, and is one of the highest ranked countries in the world for health care, education and internet availability. Iceland is a nation of outrageous geographical differences. Broadly known as “The Land of Fire and Ice”, Iceland is home to the biggest ice sheets in Europe and a portion of the world’s most dynamic volcanoes. Iceland is the place that is known for light and dimness. Long summer days with close to 24-hours of daylight are balanced by short winter days.

Iceland’s rich democratic tradition goes back over a thousand years to the foundation of a national assembly, the Althingi, to administer the island in 930. For about fourteen days each mid-year, chieftains from over Iceland gathered in an outside get together on the fields of Thingvellir, a rift valley of Reykjavik where the North American and Eurasian structural plates converge. All free and decent natives could go to as the gathering passed laws and controlled equity. The 63-member Althingi now meets in Reykjavik, yet formal social occasions, for example, the ceremony marking Icelandic autonomy on June 17, 1944, still happen at Thingvellir. With a little more than 320,000 people, Iceland is one of the least populated nations on the planet.

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