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Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico. This city is not only capital but one of the most important political, cultural, educational and financial centers in North America. It is ranked as the eighth richest city in the world. Settling on an altitude of more than 2,000 meters, tourists are instantly enamored by the city’s glamour, cultural heritage, and contemporary development. At every corner of Mexico city is sprinkled with stories to tell of ancient tribes and famous personalities. The Spanish revamped and added their touch while the Aztecs discovered and gave the city its culture and heritage. Now you will love to see cultural amalgamation is mirrored in every famous place of Mexico City like the Templo Mayor, El Zócalo square, Catedral Metropolitana or Frida Kahlo museum.

Mexico City is one of the biggest as well as densely populated cities in the world. Although Mexico City is large in area tourists still this city and its landmark on foot as they are closely located from each other in Mexico City’s historic city center. The rich vegetation of the city is the aftereffect of its charming sub-tropical climatic conditions. The animals found here are for the most part indigenous and are uncommon to discover. The way of life in Mexico City is additionally significantly impacted by the endless ethnic gatherings that live in the nation. Mexico City’s weather is so beautiful. The festivals and celebrations are an important part of a Mexicans life. Browse further to get comprehensive knowledge about the people and culture in the city through their museums, exhibition centers, and art galleries.

Enjoy a wide range of Mexican and other famous drinks from around the world in cantinas where prices are usually reasonable. Also, many bars situated in the hotel offer a combination of Spanish and English pop, rock, house, hip-hop or R&B music, as well as some Latin/Caribbean music, is also found.