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Capetown is a vibrant capital of South Africa that glistens with the colourful glory of various colonisations that left behind their innocuous and indigenous culture in the city. Such amalgamation of various...

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Cape Town is known as a great holiday destination and one of the best cities in South Africa.  It is a year around a place where neither season really experiences extremes of temperature, but you must thank prevailing winds. The summer months are from December to February. The days are generally warm to hot and dry, but the humidity is low. Winter season starts from June and remain till August and tend to be wet and cool, this does not mean rain every day although it can rain for two weeks straight on occasion. If you are traveling here in this city you will never be bored. For the best climbing in the world choose Table Mountain and it’s right here in the city. The diving is cold but good and the surfing is fantastic. You could go to sea kayaking or mountain biking. You may see whales or penguins in the sea.

With temperatures as low as 2 to 3°C and it can get very cold at night. This is the temperature of the ocean so it will not get colder unless you go far inland but 5-7°C is normal. With temperatures between 9-15°C typically will become warmer during the day. It is often very cloudy with far fewer hours of sunshine. The rains are brought on by fierce northwesterly gales. The peninsula’s shape creates microclimates, so you can be basking in the sun on one side of the mountain and sheltering from chilly rain and winds on the other. It’s no accident that Newlands is so lush in comparison to Cape Point – the former receives four times as much rain annually as the latter.

Including English, Xhosa, Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Southern Sotho, Swati, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Zulu, and Afrikaans there are 11 official languages.  Everywhere you go English is spoken. Apart from speaking English is the language of the cities, of banking and commerce of government and official documents. At any hotel, Bed, and Breakfast or Guest House, All road signs and official forms service staff speak to you in English.