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Berlin one of the illustrious cities in Germany famous for its tragic yet epic WWII legends and Holocaust Memorials. The city owns a finite combination of natural as well as modern areas to explore. Aside from...

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Berlin is a beautiful city that is filled with the epic history of World War II and tonnes of legendary events occurring around those hard times. Yet, there is far more to explore than just the horrors of...

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We found many famous water parks in Berlin within a radius of 150km. If you book these water parks online make it so convenient. You can also compare all online reviews from several popular websites –...

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Berlin, the German capital is a hub of tourist activities. Whether you are looking for history and culture or you want to experience the exciting art, music, and nightlife, Berlin offers something for everyone. This city is a mixture of the city is buzzing with life and beautiful architecture from different eras. Berlin has an amazing history and filled with places of significance from its many conflicts and wars. Even though a lot of it was destroyed during the war, the city was rebuilt with the intention to preserve its history. Germany’s dynamic capital has long mesmerized visitors with its vibrant culture, turbulent history, and buzzing nightlife. Must-dos in any Berlin guide includes visiting Checkpoint Charlie, sampling currywurst and stopping by the dome of the Reichstag. Reunified in 1989, Berlin is filled with reminders of its tumultuous past. Begin in the historic Mitte district, home to Brandenburg Gate now a poignant symbol of reunification and the impressive Holocaust Memorial, then get a taste of the former East Berlin. Colorful graffiti covers what remains of the Berlin Wall, which divided the city during the Cold War. 

Berlin’s cultural scene tantalizes with glamour and grit. You can peruse street art in hip Kreuzberg, seek out Egyptian artifacts on Museum Island and learn about the Gestapo at the Topography of Terror and you’ll just be getting started. When the sun is out, stroll or cycle through the city’s famous parks Tiergarten and Tempelhof are just two of the oases to be discovered.

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