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Beijing is one of the world’s most heavenly cities, spreading over just about 17,000 square km.  And with Beijing population of 11 million. Situated in the upper east of the Chinese territory, the city is on the edge of the Inner Mongolian Highlands, lies 70 miles west of the Bohai Sea and has five waterways going through it. The capital of current China and furthermore five magnificent traditions all through Chinese history, Beijing is both a relic of China’s intriguing past and an energizing center of political power, monetary improvement, and modern Chinese culture. The city has an assortment of astonishing social destinations with the capital itself being a basic piece of Chinese history. Consistently locales like The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, The Temple of Heaven and the Bell Ringing Tower pull in endless quantities of guests and voyagers to this extraordinary city. Beijing weather features four distinct seasons.

For the people who wish to look once again into Beijing’s past, there are additionally the Hutong (old-style Chinese back streets) interfacing Shiheyuan (conventional Chinese yard houses). This implies simply going for a stroll through one of Beijing’s wonderful neighborhoods can likewise be a noteworthy encounter as travelers can absorb the city’s way of life in these sorts of outdoors exhibition halls. 

One of the charms of Beijing is that there is continually something to see and do. Guests can encounter Chinese trapeze artistry exhibitions, participate in customary Chinese tea services or tune in to contemporary music in one of the urban areas’ in vogue bars or clubs. Beijing tourism is so popular in other Asian nations. The more gutsy voyager can attempt the national alcohol Baijiu which is a gained taste yet a compelling method for keeping warm on chilly Beijing winter evenings in any case.

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