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Armenia is an incredible country that owns the influence of Asian and European continents in its boundaries. The real magnificence of this country is seen inside the excellent and welcoming monument of Armenia...

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Situated precisely at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Armenia is a nation which is known for his picturesque mountainous landscape, gastronomy and cultural heritage and history. In this article, we are...


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Most of the people even don’t know where is Armenia located? Armenia, the nation of Transcaucasia, lying only south of the incredible mountain scope of the Caucasus and fronting the northwestern limit of Asia. Toward the north and east Armenia is limited by Georgia and Azerbaijan, while its neighbors toward the southeast and west are, individually, Iran and Turkey. Naxçıvan, an exclave of Azerbaijan, fringes Armenia toward the southwest. Yerevan (Erevan) is Armenia capital

Present-day Armenia involves just a little segment of old Armenia, one of the world’s most seasoned focuses of human advancement. At its tallness, Armenia reached out from the south-focal Black Sea coast to the Caspian Sea and from the Mediterranean Sea to Lake Urmia in present-day Iran. Old Armenia was exposed to consistent outside invasions, at long last losing its self-sufficiency in the fourteenth century CE. The hundreds of years-long standard of Ottoman and Persian winners jeopardized the very presence of the Armenian individuals. Eastern Armenia was added by Russia during the nineteenth century, while western Armenia stayed under the Ottoman principle, and in 1894–96 and 1915 the Ottoman government executed methodical slaughters and constrained the extraditions of Armenians. 

Armenia tourism is the world’s most underrated tourism. In light of Armenia’s situation in the profound inside of the northern piece of the subtropical zone, encased by grandiose extents, its atmosphere is dry and mainland. Local climatic variety is in any case significant. Extreme daylight happens on numerous days of the year. Summer, with the exception of in high-height territories, is long and blistering, the normal June and August temperature in the plain being 25° C; some of the time it ascends to awkward levels. Winter is commonly not cold; the normal January temperature in the plain and lower regions is about −5° C, while in the mountains it drops to −12° C. Attacks of Arctic air once in a while makes the temperature drop strongly: the record low is −46° C. Winter is especially severe on the raised, desolate levels. Harvest time long, mellow, and bright is the most charming season. 

Armenian people comprise about the majority of the nation’s populace; they speak Armenian, an unmistakable part of the Indo-European language family. The rest of the Kurds, Russians, and little quantities of Ukrainians, Assyrians, and different gatherings. The vast majority of Armenia’s Azerbaijani populace fled or was ousted after the acceleration of the contention between the two nations. In excess of 3 million Armenians live abroad, incorporating about 1.5 million in the conditions of the previous Soviet Union and around 1 million in the United States.

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