Time to Visit Disneyland Paris, the best time to visit Disneyland Paris, the Best month to visit Disneyland Paris

Best Time to Visit Disneyland Paris

The best time to visit Disneyland Paris depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for. Seasonal events like the Christmas celebrations are definitely one of the best time to visit, but these are also the busiest times, so be prepared for long queues and crowd. Here we are providing you with the Best month to visit Disneyland Paris, you choose it by yourself, the season ’s best day of the week to visit Disneyland Paris.

Visit Disneyland Paris by Season:

Some of the most Important factors for visitors are:

How busy the parks will be?
What will the weather be like?
What will be happening in the parks?
How much will the tickets cost?

1. Types of the Ticket can I get there?

Tickets for Disneyland Paris vary in price depending upon when you want to visit there. These are the 3 types of ticket which you can book:

Mini Ticket: The most cost-effective option which is valid only for off-peak dates within the season you’ve selected.

Magic Ticket: The mid-priced option can be used on off-peak dates within your chosen season and some of the more popular dates during the season

Super Magic Ticket: it can be used anytime within the selected season, except special peak dates

Super Magic Plus Ticket: Covers all dates in the selected season including the popular one, like Halloween, October half term, weekends in November and the 2-week Christmas break

2. Disneyland Paris – Season by Season

Time to Visit Disneyland Paris, the best time to visit Disneyland Paris, the Best month to visit Disneyland Paris

What’s the weather like?

Spring season ie from March to May is the driest season and the temperature is around 15 – 20ºC. It’s better to pack clothes that you can layer in case an unusually cool or warm day sneaks up on you.

How busy will it be?

Except for the half-term holidays, from March to May can be better, so queues for the rides will be shorter and you’ll be able to fit more into your day. However, very few shows and events scheduled during these periods.

What’s On: Disneyland Swings into Spring!

Springtime blooms with magic, color and music bloom throughout Disneyland Park with the smell of flowers and fun in the air.

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St David’s Welsh Weekend (Early March)

Disneyland Paris celebrates the land of green valleys and towering mountains in 3 days of fun, laughter and all things Welsh. There would be music, crafts, face painting, and fireworks and of course Mickey and Minnie in their Welsh outfits.

What’s the weather like?

Paris hots up in the summer ie during June to August with temperatures in the 20ºCs, so make sure you slap on the sunscreen. However July is the rainiest months, so don’t forget to bring an umbrella or poncho so you’re not caught out by a surprise thunderstorm.

How busy will it be?

Summer is one of the busiest seasons, with extended opening hours and much more scheduled shows and events. However, because there are more guests in the parks you might wait longer for the rides.

What’s On: Enjoy the parks for longer

As the evenings get lighter, the parks open til later, through which you’ll have even more time to enjoy all the magical events that take place throughout the summer including the spectacular light shows and firework displays.

Time to Visit Disneyland Paris, the best time to visit Disneyland Paris, the Best month to visit Disneyland Paris

What’s the weather like?

Autumn in Paris ie from September to November is getting colder and rainier. It will be a good idea to bring a coat, an umbrella or poncho, and shoes which will keep your feet safe from getting wet as you explore the parks.

How busy will it be?

Autumn months can be up and down, Disney parks celebrate events like Halloween and Bonfire night, so if you would prefer to go there when the parks are less busy, try to book when these events aren’t taking place.

What’s On: Halloween and Fireworks!

Disney’s Halloween Festival (October)

Join Mickey and his friends for the ghostly Halloween yet, with a dash of Disney magic.

Meet the Disney Villains behind the Castle, Visit Jack Skellington, take some scarily funny interactive photos with Minnie and Goofy, and lots more terrifically terrifying fun.

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So far we told you all the best time to visit Disneyland Paris, now it totally depends on you that which Time to Visit Disneyland Paris you choose. Hope you will be able to get the best day of the week to visit Disneyland Paris. If you are planning to visit Disneyland Paris, then kindly read on our article like, restaurants near Disneyland Paris, which would be quite beneficial for you. Hope you liked our article, comment and share it as per your views.


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