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San Francisco is one of the famous city of Northern California and it is known as the home of cultural and entertainment activities to do. This city is the second after New York in the list of most populace city in the county. There are many things to do in San Francisco which attracts his visitors a lot like a tour to the popular Alcatraz Island and Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco becomes famous in the year of 1849 as it was known as the home of the Californian Gold Rush. The city is also popular for its well-known eateries as it is home to the many famous chefs around the world. In this article, we will cover up the top 10  things to do in San Francisco.

List of Unique things to do in San Francisco

1.  Alcatraz Island

 what to do in San Francisco, things to do in San Francisco
alcatraz island- what to do in San Francisco, things to do in San Francisco

Alcatraz Island is just a 1.5 miles away from the shore of San Francisco, This modest island was created as a military fortress, a federal prison just as a military prison. The most well known to be the federal jail. This was somewhere in the year between 1933 and 1963. The reason behind the establishment of this prison is because of some troublesome prisoners who caused problems in other prisons continuously. Numerous infamous detainees have locked here including Robert Franklin Stroud and Al Capone. The island currently is a vacation destination and numerous individuals rush here every year to investigate the profundities of the jail.

2. The Golden Gate Bridge

 what to do in San Francisco, things to do in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge

Famous Golden Gate Bridge is located between San Francisco Bay and Marin County. This bridge has been pronounced one of the cutting edge wonders of the planet earth. The bridge was built in the year of 1937 and at that time it was the longest bridge ever made. Produced using steel and with an absolute length of 1.7 miles, it is the most photographed bridge anyplace on the planet. There are six paths of traffic on the extension conveying a large number of travelers consistently. Before the bridge was fabricated individuals used to need a ship between the two places, the ship organization was called Golden State Ferry Company.

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3. The Chinese Culture in Chinatown

 what to do in San Francisco, things to do in San Francisco

Most real urban communities have a Chinatown, however, San Francisco has four and the one on Grant Avenue is the greatest Chinatown outside of Asia just as being the most seasoned in North America. The town is big to the point that encompasses two hospitals, different parks and draws a greater number of guests every year greater than the Golden Gate Bridge. On the off chance that you are searching for bona fide Chinese cooking in this city, there is no point looking anyplace outside of the four Chinatowns to discover genuine customary Chinese sustenance.

4. San Francisco Cable Car System

 what to do in San Francisco, things to do in San Francisco
Cable Car

San Francisco is world-wide known for his cable car system. This cable-car system is the last handly operating system on the planet today. At its pinnacle, you would discover 23 link vehicle lines in the city, yet today we have only three remaining. Almost the majority of the general population that ride this vehicle today are travelers who want to try something different on their trip This classic cable-car was firstly introduced in  1873 as it becomes so popular and the holder was making so much money from this so some more lines were also added on the route and then in the year of 1892 the primary electronic streetcars were made thus the decay of the manual vehicle started.

5. Fisherman’s Wharf

 what to do in San Francisco, things to do in San Francisco
Fishermans Wharf

San Francisco’s fantastic waterfront network is situated at Fisherman’s Wharf. Here you can encounter some fabulous sustenance and appreciate probably the best dinings the world brings to the table. There are outdoor stands selling crisp Dungeness crab or different gourmet eateries selling the freshest of fish from that days get. From here you can likewise organize to go on a wide range of voyages through the region including Segway, boat, walking and some more.

6. Golden Gate Park

 what to do in San Francisco, things to do in San Francisco
Golden Gate Park

Per year more than 13 million guests visit Golden Gate Park and investigate one of San Francisco’s most astonishing spots. This beautiful space traverses 1,017 sections of land and has numerous spots to investigate and unwind. You can find the picnic areas, lakes, landmarks and play areas. All through the year, there are plenty of occasions and exercises that happen in the recreation center. You can even hold your own wedding or extraordinary occasion in the wonderful gardens and take photos with the shocking view as a setting.

7. Union Square

 what to do in San Francisco, things to do in San Francisco
Union Square

At Union Square, you will be amazed by its extensive gathering of top of the line retail outlets, extravagant lodgings, art galleries, cafes, and a place for a perfect night out. This place is always full of activities which will entertain you and it holds many live events to attend also. If you really want to enjoy your trip to San Francisco then it is a place which you should not miss.

8. The San Francisco Giants

AT&T Park is known as the home to the San Francisco Giants. This is one of the best teams in the league. The arena is on the San Francisco Bay and each time the Giants venture into the park the city and arena unites. The San Francisco Giants were initially the New York Gotham’s before moving to San Francisco in 1958. They have also won the World Series multiple times. It is one of the best things to do in San Francisco.

9. The Redwood Trees

 what to do in San Francisco, things to do in San Francisco
The Redwood Trees

A region of land covering 554 sections of land which shapes some portion of the Golden Gate National park. 240 sections of land of this park are fully loaded with giant redwood trees. At a certain point, there were around 2 million sections of land of redwood trees in California when the logging business arrived a significant number of these were chopped down and this is one of only a handful few residual forests in the zone. The recreation center is full of free picnic area spots and dogs are also allowed here.

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10. Angel Island

 what to do in San Francisco, things to do in San Francisco
Angel Island

This Island is one of the second biggest islands in the bay. There is a little populace of around 60 individuals that live forever on the island. You can go here by ship from San Francisco and once you arrive you can take an outside cable car or a Segway voyage through the island. There are some incredible bistros and bars presenting scrumptious nourishment. The scenery of the Bay from the island is dynamite and worth the expense of the ship alone.

So far we have talked about what to do in San Francisco, which contains the best possible data in regards to all the top things to do in San Francisco. All of these places are very famous in all over San Francisco and loved by the locals and tourists. Hope the post is informative to you if want to gather more information related to this post please read our other articles also.

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