top cities to visit in Japan, top 10 cities to visit in Japan

Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in Japan | Most Beautiful Cities in Japan to Visit

Describing Cities in Japan as a ‘backpack filled with surprises for every kind of visitor’ would be the right thing to do, thanks to thousands of shrines & temples, gorgeous gardens & palaces, the glorious mountains, and other major attractions. It’s not only the wonders but also the best cities to visit in Japan which highlighted the island nation on the map. So, if you’ve never wondered about visiting top cities in Japan, it’s about time that you do as these top cities to visit in Japan offer experiences, which you would never have before.

Japan City Name List

1. Tokyo

best cities in Japan to visit, top 10 cities in Japan

Lying at the heart of the major populated place in the world, Tokyo has forty million people living within its metropolis. Consequently, there is something for everyone to enjoy so it would be the best cities in Japan to visit. Tokyo is definitely a modern and developing city which sells a unique pop culture and fashion sense to the world and the remnants of the historic city still remain. You can peacefully wander down the cobbled lane and get some old-style atmospheric bars and food stands. In fact, the city is home to major Michelin star establishments than anywhere else in the world. Whether it is ambling around the shopping malls or exploring the neighborhoods it would take a lifetime to see what Tokyo has to offer.

2. Kyoto

cities in Japan to visit, top cities to visit in Japan

The capital of Japan filled with history reputed to be the most beautiful cities in Japan. Upon arriving, many visitors are surprised to see the cites’ urban sprawl, which hides its fantastic historical sites and rich cultural heritage. With thousands of temples and shrines, as well as several Zen gardens, winding cobbled lanes and traditional teahouses, Kyoto is a spiritual and cultural capital of Japan. Home to a plethora of cool bars, atmospheric cafes, and world-class restaurants, also the city has some fantastic palaces and villas for visitors to gaze upon.

3. Hiroshima

cities to visit in Japan, top 10 cities to visit in Japan

Lying in western Honshu, Hiroshima´s history will be linked forever to the atomic bomb which flattened the city on August 6th, 1945. Almost completely destroyed, Hiroshima has been reconstructed and is now a panicky modern city, full of life. Visitors come to pay their respects at the Peace Memorial Park and Museum and also visit the chilling A-Bomb Dome ruins, the city has many sights for visitors to enjoy.

4. Kanazawa

best cities to visit in Japan, cities to visit in Japan
Kanazawa Castle

With beautiful temples, ancient shrines and fantastic museums, this charming city is lying on the Sea of Japan which is not to be missed as it is nice cities in Japan to visit. Amazingly preserved, its ancient neighborhoods are lovely to wander around. In fact, Kanazawa rivals Kyoto in the historical and cultural attractions that it has on the show. The highlight is Kenroku-en, an impressive castle with gardens surrounding it.

5. Nara

cities to visit in Japan, top 10 cities to visit in Japan
Yakushi-Ji Temple

Considered to be the birthplace of Japanese civilization, this ancient capital has wealth of historic sites for visitors to explore. Easily explored on foot, the city´s highlight is the impressive Great Buddha statue, situated in the lovely Todai-Ji temples. Other temples charmingly showcase the best of Japanese art and architecture, while the surrounding hills add to the picturesque nature of Nara that has yet more shrines and temples worth visiting.

6. Osaka

cities in Japan to visit, top cities to visit in Japan

Although the concrete buildings do not make Osaka a pretty place by any means, the abundance of neon lights adds color and life to the city. A panicky metropolis with a lovely river rounding through its heart, Renowned for its fantastic culinary scene and love of food, here you can dine in restaurants or pick up a wide variety of street food.

7. Sapporo

top cities to visit in Japan, top 10 cities to visit in Japan

The capital city of the island of Hokkaido, Sapporo is a chilled-out city to visit in Japan, with all the trappings of a typical Japanese city. While most people see it as a stop-off point on their way to the island´s mountains and hot springs, the city itself has enough to keep guests entertained for a while with awesome restaurants, gigantic shopping malls, and nightlife. While people visit during summer when Sapporo has a number of festivals.

8. Sendai

top cities to visit in Japan, top 10 cities to visit in Japan

Home to the country´s famous festivals, every year Sendai´s leafy streets are hung around with people who have come to enjoy Tanabata Matsuri. Situated in the Tohuko region, it has the largest area offering an insight into the local culture, with many visitors stopping here on their way to the wilderness nearby. With a lively nightlife scene and dilapidated castle with lovely gardens, Sendai is a pleasant city in Japan to visit and a nicer place to live.

9. Fukuoka

top cities to visit in Japan, top 10 cities to visit in Japan

The largest city in Kyushu, Fukuoka used to be two towns before areas joined to form the city we know today. A friendly place, but what Fukuoka lacks in terms of actual sights, it more than makes up for in its charm and pleasant atmosphere. With a couple of museums, some architecture, delicious ramen, and the chance to see their famous baseball team in action, Fukuoka is best to visit for all that it has to offer. Lying on the banks of the river there are some lovely temples dotted around the city and its surroundings.

10. Yokohama

top cities to visit in Japan, top 10 cities to visit in Japan

Being half-an-hour away from Tokyo, Yokohama has its own identity as Japan´s second largest city, it´s well worth checking out. Lying on a lovely lagoon, evidenced by its large foreign community, the wealth of different architectural styles, and delicious cuisine from around the world. With lively art and jazz scene, it is pleasant to walk along its spacious streets – despite being a major port, Yokohama feels uncluttered and clean.

Japan city name list is letting us know all the best cities in Japan to visit as it is providing a brief description of the top 10 cities to visit in Japan and some most beautiful cities in Japan. Hope this article would be beneficial for you as it provides the name of cities to be visited in Japan with their brief explanation and please share your views in the comment section after reading this article and let us know your thoughts.


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