Best Places to Visit in France- Top Tourist Places in France

We are letting you know the Places to Visit in France, more than just Paris, France has a large number of unbelievably beautiful places that are waiting to be explored. History flows through the land, cathedrals, castles, culture and refined cuisine combine to attract you on a journey of discovery of all things. France offers beautiful sights to its tourists, these best cities in France are simply a joy to visit. So, what are you waiting for? These places to visit in France will help visitors to explore France in no time.

Here are Top 10 Places to Visit in France:

1. Paris & Versailles

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Paris is a European capital city. The French say that “there is only one Paris” because this magnificent city is truly incomparable. Even the polished photos in the tourist booklet do not do justice to the beauty of Paris. The city is filled with architectural masterpieces, like the iconic Eiffel Tower and the majestic Notre-Dame Cathedral that reflect the city’s rich heritage. The Louvre contains one of the best art collections in the world.

To witness the glory of France’s regal past, take a train ride from Paris to Versailles. The UNESCO-listed Château de Versailles is an opulent 17th-century palace which was built for Louis XIV.

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2. The Charming Countryside of Provence

places to visit in France, best places to visit in France

In contrast to the grey skies of Paris and northern France, Provence relax under the Mediterranean sun. This countryside has a rugged and earthy appeal. The hills are covered with a patchwork of small farms, olive groves, sunflowers, and lavender fields. The air is fragrant with the aroma of rosemary, sage, and thyme, herbs that are used in the local cuisine. In this dreamy landscape, painters found inspiration to create vibrant works of art.

3. The Côte d’Azur

places to visit in France, best places to visit in France, top places to visit in France

The Côte d’Azur became famous with the British as a wintertime resort in the 1820s. Nowadays, it’s a summer vacation destination and can feel overcrowded during the high season. Spring and autumn offer pleasant weather and a quieter, more relaxing atmosphere.

The Côte d’Azur has something for everyone. Nice is the place to enjoy, visit art museums, and stroll along charming cobblestone streets and stunning seaside boulevards. Many sunbathers and nature lovers prefer Antibes for its sandy beaches and natural environment.

4. Normandy (Rouen, Honfleur, Mont Saint-Michel, D-Day Beaches)

places to visit in France, best places to visit in France, top places to visit in France

Normandy is a quaint pastoral region which is covered with apple orchards and cow pastures and dotted with historic castles, inspiring churches, and picture-perfect towns. Normandy also prides one of France’s top tourist attractions, Mont-Saint-Michel. To the faithful one, Mont-Saint-Michel is still an important pilgrimage site. For those who are seeking relaxation, Normandy’s seaside resorts Deauville, Trouville, Dieppe, Étretat, and Fécamp are perfect summertime destinations.

Nature lovers will appreciate the “Suisse Normande” area, for scenery and opportunities for outdoor sports. People having interest in history also come to Normandy to visit the sites of World War II Allied landings in 1944, including the D-Day Landing Beaches of Omaha Beach and Arromanches Beach and Normandy Memorial Center in Caen. For those who appreciate art, Monet’s Gardens in Giverny is a wonderful day trip.

5. The Châteaux of the Loire Valley

places to visit in France, best places to visit in France

Like the fairy tale, the Loire Valley is a lush, wooded landscape dotted with magnificent castles flowing gently along the Loire River. Stretching for 280 kilometers, from Sully-sur-Loire to Chalonnes-sur-Loire in Anjou, it is the largest UNESCO-listed site in France. The region boasts a rich cultural heritage.

A wonderful outing for families with children is the Parc des Mini-Châteaux in Amboise which is open from late March until early November. The park contains more than 40 replicas of famous Loire châteaux built on a 1/25 scale. Children’s love exploring the kid-sized castles and having a chance to dress up as a knight or princess.

6. Bordeaux and Saint-Émilion

places to visit in France, best places to visit in France, top places to visit in France

The Bordeaux region of France is a cheery countryside of rolling vine-covered hills, where grandiose castles preside over the landscape. The region also brags two exceptional UNESCO World Heritage Sites,  the elegant city of Bordeaux having more than 350 buildings classified as historical monuments, and the pastoral village of Saint-Émilion which is 51 kilometers away from Bordeaux. Dating back to the Roman era, Saint-Émilion is filled with churches and monasteries because it was an important stop on the pilgrimage route during the Middle Ages.

7. Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz

places to visit in France, best places to visit in France, top places to visit in France

A perfect blend of Parisian-style and natural beauty, Biarritz is a seaside resort with gorgeous beaches. Known as the “Queen and the Resort of Kings, which was favored by Empress Eugénie, who loved this area along the Bay of Biscay. She chose a sandy hillside overlooking the ocean as the location, the Villa Eugénie.

Just a half-hour drive (15 kilometers) from Biarritz, there is the historic fishing port of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, a popular summertime destination with family-friendly beaches. Traveling inland 25 kilometers from Biarritz, there is the traditional Basque village of Espelette. This small village boasts typical half-timbered, red-shuttered Basque houses which are decorated with rows of dried red peppers called Piment d’Espelette.

8. The Alsace Region

The historic cities of Strasbourg and Colmar, have a charming character which is completely distinct from the rest of France. Strasbourg fascinates visitors with its narrow cobblestone streets, scenic canals, and ornate cathedral. Colmar is the quintessential Alsatian town, full of old churches and traditional houses with flower-bedecked balconies. It’s the most beautiful place to visit in France.

Outside these two cities, there is an unspoiled landscape of vine-covered foothills. The Alsace Villages route is a famous tourist itinerary and is a delightful way to explore the region.

9. The French Alps

places to visit in France, best places to visit in France, top places to visit in France

The French Alps brag some of the most awe-inspiring natural scenery in the world. It is the highest mountain in Europe, snowcapped peak that soars to 4,810 meters. At this height, the air is fresh and the landscape is sublime.

During summertime, visitors assemble to the Alps to go hiking, cycling, and mountain climbing. Besides the spectacular mountain, the region has a rich cultural heritage linked to the ancestral territory of the Italian Royal House of Savoy and the historic Dauphiné region.

10. Prehistoric Caves in the Dordogne and the Pyrenees

places to visit in France, best places to visit in France, top places to visit in France

France’s Dordogne region brag, incredible sites for viewing prehistoric cave art. This cave contains beautifully prepare prehistoric paintings, among the finest examples of Paleolithic art in the world. Although the cave has been closed to the public to prevent damage, visitors may view a replica of cave’s exquisite animal paintings at the nearby Lascaux II site. Also, the Grotte de Rouffignac is ornamented, with paintings of horses, cows, bison, deer, goats, and other animals, as well as noteworthy drawings of mammoths.

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